Every person is unique, and so are their needs.

Financial solutions

One solution for each client

Family Office

We focus on the individuality of every family group to understand the scope and address their financial objectives, respecting the essence and the conventions of each family.
inversores particulares

Individual investors

We offer a high-level financial service for their investment portfolios that enables them to achieve their life goals, taking into account their financial and real estate assets.

Foundations and institutions

We work to achieve their social and foundational objectives from the financial standpoint, with a vocation for prudence and respecting the specific standards of each institution.

inversores institucionales y acuerdos estrategicos de colaboracion

Institutional investors and strategic collaboration agreements

We provide tailor-made services to other institutions and we establish relationships with partners such as agents, IFAs, stock agencies and CII management companies (SGIICs)..

Receipt and transmission of orders

Advanced investors who make their own investment decisions.

We provide you with the investment tools and instruments that are adapted to your needs, through an open-architecture model, so that you can make the best investment decisions.

Financial advisory

Investors who, based on an individualised investment strategy, require tailor-made and recurring investment recommendations.

Investment advice based on the selection of businesses that are sustainable, well-managed and that have a high probability of being profitable or that have potential for revaluation, allowing for attractive returns in the medium and long term while avoiding speculative investments.

Your account manager will take care of designing the individualised investment strategy that is best suited to your return objectives, risk profile, term and liquidity. You then make the decisions.

Discretionary portfolio management:

Investors who, based on an individualised investment strategy, delegate their investment decisions to our team.

Our team of expert professionals manages your assets on your behalf under your instructions, always in accordance with your needs and in an efficient and objective manner.

Global wealth advisory:

Investors who, due to their complexity, require a professional external adviser for all of their wealth.

Advisory for investors who, due to their complexity, require a professional external adviser for all of their wealth with a global vision on assets of different kinds.