We focus on fulfilling your needs.
Personalised advice

What sets us apart?

At Creand, we specialise in advisory and wealth management. We have substantial means and resources at our disposal to be able to provide you with the best financial service with open architecture, quality and reasonable costs.

This sets us apart from other kinds of companies, such as retail banks with private banking units, specialised international banks and advisory firms, which by their very nature may be constrained in terms of the quality of their service, either due to a low level individualisation, conflicts of interest, high costs or limited resources because of their size.

Our clients are unique, and so is our service. By combining the resources and capabilities of a company with an international presence, we are able to move towards to the ideal of a flexible, creative and individualised service.

We establish a relationship of trust and shared interests and benefits with our clients, co-creating solutions together.

At Creand, we offer an open-architecture private banking service, with international, specialised and flexible solutions.
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Our management model

We prioritise the preservation and protection of wealth.

Our model is based on investments in profitable and sustainable companies, we seek stability in the short term and return in the long term, with a clear preference for giving up gains before risking losses.


We manage our clients’ wealth based on the identification of their needs from a financial, legal and fiscal standpoint.


We apply a philosophy to the management of investments to make them flexible in the face of complex and changing market environments.

Multidisciplinary service

The comprehensive approach to wealth is possible thanks to meetings between clients and the bankers, which involves a team of specialists and offers a multidisciplinary service.

Comprehensive approach to wealth

With the aim of preserving long-term wealth, we consider aspects such as inheritance, business, taxation, real estate assets, financial assets, insurance and liabilities.

People with unique needs

A solution for every client.

Family Office

We understand the essence of every family group in order to determine the scope and address their financial objectives.

Individual investors

We offer a high-level financial service that will enable them to achieve their life goals and financial objectives.

Foundations and institutions

We work together to achieve their social and foundational objectives from the financial standpoint.

Institutional investors and collaboration agreements

We provide tailor-made services to other institutions and we establish relationships with partners: : Agents, IFAs, stock agencies and CII management companies (SGIICs).

Advisers and managers:
key principles

Understanding our clients is our priority.

Global and objective
We offer global solutions from a guided open-architecture perspective. We present the best alternatives on the market, whether they are our own or from third parties.

Specialist and specialised

We have specialist professionals in financial markets, corporate operations, wealth planning, real estate management, etc, who contribute their know-how and significant value in the execution of the global wealth strategy.

Personalised service

We offer specialised advice, tailored to the needs of each client, and we take on the optimum number of clients per adviser to ensure a quality service.

Our international presence means we have more diverse investment alternatives and expert teams in multiple jurisdictions, so we can offer a boutique service and safeguard assets within companies in the Group.

Strategic agreements
Partnerships with renowned international firms for investment and analysis solutions. Partnerships with agents, IFAs, stock agencies and CII management companies (SGIICs).
Return and protection

We listen to our clients and we balance return with the risks: short-term stability and long-term return.

Philosophy and investment method

We manage our clients' wealth based on the identification of their needs.

Fixed income

We seek attractive returns at all stages of the cycle with exhaustive risk controls.

Fund selection

We identify the funds that are most suitable for each category and that provide real differentiating value.


Our objective is attractive returns over the long term.

Alternative products and private equity

We work to diversify portfolios with assets that are less correlated with the financial markets, partnering with the best private equity fund managers.

Structured products

We operate on the basis of diversification, protection and additional return.