Digital solutions

Creand Online Banking

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View and manage your personal finances from anywhere at any time.

Carry out your day-to-day operations and monitor your investments with “My portfolio” and “e-Broker” through the online banking platform.

All the market information at your fingertips. Access it from any device online or through the Creand Online Banking application:

  • Over 500 Spanish, European and American market securities
  • Advanced orders
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Trading and transfers in investment funds
  • Monitor your favourite securities and funds
Discover Creand Online Banking
Download the Creand application and access online banking easily from your mobile phone.

Digital investment

A personalised strategy for your needs. offers 100% digital investment fund advice and comprehensive investment management, with a team of experts that will advise you in your decision-making.


Download the application and sign in easily from your mobile phone.

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Registration and profile

Take a free straightforward questionnaire to find out your investment profile and understand which portfolio segmentation is right for you.

Buy and sell offers buy and sell proposals for investment funds that can be executed instantly. They are all provided with qualitative reasoning to aid your decision-making.

Video call and sign up

Register on instantly and digitally with a video call to fill in your details, become a client and sign up to the service.


To receive the first investment proposal, you must make a prior capital contribution.


Your portfolio will be monitored at all times. Whenever an opportunity arises on the market, will send you new investment proposals for you to evaluate.