Creand Global, FI

Combines different active investment strategies to achieve long-term capital appreciation

Fund Characteristics

Investment fund

Intended for investors with a medium risk profile.

Investment Objective

It pursues long-term capital appreciation by seeking investment opportunities in international markets and in different asset classes.


It invests mainly in equities of any sector and mid and large cap companies. The rest it invests in fixed income, debt securities and/or money market instruments. The fund has a small exposure to currency risk.

SRRI risk indicator

Low High


Creand Asset Management (Gesalcalá, SGIIC, SAU).

Fund Investment Policy

The management and administration of the fund is mainly governed by the following investment criteria:

It combines different active investment strategies, seeking effective diversification and constant monitoring and control of risk.

It invests between 30% and 75% (usually 50/60%) of the portfolio in equities and the rest in public or private fixed income (including deposits up to 20%).

Exposure to currency risk is between 0% and 70%.

The majority (85%) of the equity assets belong to large and mid cap companies. The fixed income assets have a medium credit rating (at least BBB-).

It is an accumulation fund. The returns obtained are reinvested.

There is no predetermination as to the distribution by type of issuer (public or private), currency, capitalisation and economic sector.

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