Creand Gestión Flexible Sostenible, FI, Class R​

If you want to invest in sustainability, Creand Gestión Flexible Sostenible is an investment for the future

Fund Characteristics

Investment fund

Ethical fund. Meets socially responsible investment (ESG) criteria.​ It is an absolute return fund aimed at investors with a conservative risk profile.

Investment Objective

To obtain a positive return in any environment.


It invests primarily in equities of any capitalisation/sector.

SRRI risk indicator

Low High


Creand Asset Management (Gesalcalá, SGIIC, SAU).

Accolades received

The Creand Gestión Flexible Sostenible fund has the highest sustainability rating from Morningstar, five globes, which is reserved for only the top 10% of funds in each category, based on Morningstar’s criteria.

Creand Gestión Flexible Sostenible has achieved the AAA rating, the highest sustainability rating awarded by MSCI ESG Fund Ratings.

MSCI ESG Fund Ratings are designed to measure the environmental, social and corporate governance characteristics of a fund’s underlying holdings, allowing investment funds and ETFs to be ranked or screened on a rating scale from AAA to CCC.

Fund Investment Policy

A differentiating feature of this fund is that, although the prospectus permits it, it does not invest in fixed income, but rebalances the investment grade to equities through hedging.​

This fund is unique in its decision-making. It has its own indicator that takes into account flows (inflows and outflows in equity markets) and investor sentiment data (surveys).

Fund subject to annual maximum volatility of 7%.

Net equity exposure (taking into account hedges) can range from -10% (net short) to +50% (net long).

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