Creand Institucional, FI

If you fit a moderate risk investment profile, Creand Institucional offers an adequate return for the risk assumed.

Fund Characteristics

Investment fund

Aimed primarily at institutional investors with a moderate risk profile.

Investment Objective

Provide an outstanding return appropriate to the risk assumed.


Invests mainly in fixed income, with a minimum of 90%, and the rest in equities through financial CIIs.

SRRI risk indicator

Low High


Creand Asset Management (Gesalcalá, SGIIC, SAU).

Accolades received

The Creand Institucional fund has Morningstar’s five-star rating at three years, which is reserved only for the top 10% of funds in each category.

Fund Investment Policy

The management and administration of the fund is mainly governed by the following investment criteria:

Preserve capital and, at the same time, obtain an adequate return for the risk assumed.

Invest between 90% and 100% of the portfolio in fixed income and the rest in equities through financial CIIs.

Bond selection on the basis of a proprietary scoring analysis.

The fixed income assets in which the fund invests have an average credit rating (minimum rating of Baa3/BBB-).

A maximum of 15% total exposure to low-rated issues (ratings of below BBB-).

There is no predetermination as to the distribution by type of issuer (public or private), currency, capitalisation and economic sector.

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